P.S If you can't find what you're looking for, we make custom orders too!

Custom made sign - your idea come to life
Custom made sign - your idea come to life
Custom made sign - your idea come to life
Custom made sign - your idea come to life
Custom made sign - your idea come to life

Custom made sign - your idea come to life

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Got an idea, can't find it? Let us help. We can usually make your ideas come to life! Send us a message with what you would like for a sign/wall hanging, and we will do our best to make it a reality! Prices will vary depending on size, wood type, design complexity and how quickly you need it.

Of the examples above:

1) Sons of Anarchy - carved into a piece of maple plywood 24.5" diameter - details painted black and a natural stain applied overall. (made this for myself because I like the show)
something along this line would fall into the $70 - $90 range

2) The Cog & Derby - carved into the charred inside top of a bourbon barrel head (oak) about 21" diameter (Jim Beam in this case) - done for a game room - cost is usually between $60-$100

3) Welcome to our campsite - carved from two pieces of 1'' thick cedar, 28"L x 10"H - details painted black, stained with a natural stain, sealed with several coats of urethane.
Starting cost $80 - $140 (This one cost $100)

4) The Cooks - Three pieces of oak stained an English chestnut, measuring 27"L x 10"H 3/8" W, Raised text are MDF since this was going inside and it kept the cost down.
Starting at $50 - $90 (This one cost $50)

5) KB Realty Group - This is actually two signs with the smaller one hanging beneath the larger. The top sign is 24"L x 18"H x 3/4"W - Birch Plywood. The KB & Realty Group is recessed into the wood and then the letters were cut from another piece of wood and glued into the recess making them protrude above the surface of the sign. The black window is also recessed beneath the surface and painted. This gives the sign a lot of natural depth. Painted and Sealed and intended for outside use....however their office likes it so much they kept it inside instead. Something like this starts at $100 - $200 (This one cost $150)

The little sign beneath it was an afterthought as they weren't aware the had to display KellerWilliams also. It is pine measuring 24"L x 5.5H x 3/4W. Painted white, then a three color (black, red & gray) vinyl decal was mated to the board and sealed with urethane. Starting cost $30 - $75 ( This one was $40)

These are just sample of some of the custom request we have done.

Be aware that the shipping costs for this listing are inaccurate. We will only charge you what the actual shipping costs are based on the size and weight of your piece.
We usually ship USPS, but we can also ship FedEx or UPS if requested.